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We are a fast, reliable and secure Tezos delegation service with a 5% fee and quick payouts.

Open for delegations since 2019!

1. Set your delegate to Hodl.farm

Use your wallet to set your delegate to the Hodl.farm address.


Do not send funds to this address! Learn more.

2. Wait

It takes only 7.5 days on average to get your first payout.

A Tezos cycle lasts about three days. You need to delegate to us for two full cycles to get your first payout. Payouts then come regularly every three days until you stop delegating.

For example, if you delegate to us in the middle of cycle 475, your first payout will be at the end of cycle 477. Learn more.

Most delegation services make you wait 7 to 12 cycles. Why wait for weeks ? Use hodl.farm and get your payout faster !

3. Check your contribution

Enter your Tezos address here:

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Frequently asked questions

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